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Company Services

Fealty offers you a fast and cost-effective incorporation service customized to your specific needs in a solutions driven manner in Seychelles and most other offshore jurisdictions.

Our company formation and administration services provides for the security of having your entities structured within legislation confines, backed up with excellent secretarial services that ensure statutory records and annual returns fulfill all obligations, as may require, each year.

    Our company and related services include;
  • Company formation in Seychelles and all jurisdictions
  • Provision of registered and virtual office facilities
  • Provision of registered agents
  • Provision of local representatives and agents
  • Provision of professional directors and nominee owners
  • Provision of company managers, secretaries and other officer
  • Establishment and maintenance of statutory records
  • Corporate structuring
  • Issuance of share certificates or other ownership instruments
  • Preparation and filing of annual returns
  • Preparation and filing of licence applications
  • Preparation, filing and payment of licence fees
  • Translation services in all major language
  • Corporate governance and international compliance
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